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Issue #1



    Next.js 7

    Next.js 7 has finally been released. Very excited to get our hands on this release as it cleans up a lot of the boilerplate and has a lot of potential for performance improvements.


    Transparent Background Images

    Nice little trick for adding a transparent background image without the opacity affecting all child elements.

    How to Make Links Open in a New Window or Tab

    Great little tutorial for how to open links in a new window or tab by default and some options you can add in order to increase security and protect your users.

    Building the new

    Web performance will always be something that has to be considered. Hopper took a great approach to how they dealt with theirs.

    Save Time Writing Jest Tests with jest-each (+ Examples)

    A great little library for cleaning up some of those test suites.

    An introduction to Ruby’s *Splat and double **Splat operators

    Ever wondered what '*' and '**' mean in Ruby code? These are called splats and can be really useful for accepting multiple arguments for a class.

    Class and Instance Methods in Ruby

    Want to know why you see methods which start with `self.` in some Ruby classes?

    Cultivating Instinct

    Great talk from Brighton Ruby, that we attended this year, about how to train people to become experts. This is the exact kind of thing, that we at {Pro}Coders focus on achieving through teaching best practices and providing a commercial environment. By integrating commercial processes and experiences, such as team problem solving, research, and contributing to stand-ups into the core curriculum, graduates can be productive from day one of joining a new team.


Hello {Real} World!

Wanting to turn that hobby of coding in your free time into a career?

Perhaps you are fresh out of uni and would like to hone your skills further and pick up some commercial experience?

Maybe you have a project that you want to build and start your own business, but aren't confident that you are following best-practice, that your app will be maintainable, extensible or performant?

Whatever your previous experience or needs may be, we believe we can support you on making your dream become a reality!

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